About Us

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1.) BEER is LIFE;
2.) We are nothing but AWESOME.

What kicked off this Beer Shop is our reluctance to accept cheap, lifeless, tasteless and soulless Beers. Faint lagers are crowding our supermarkets, filling up shelves of local convenience stores. These Corporate-owned brands are buying up spaces at our local pubs, and washing away flavours of refined food at fine-dining restaurants.
It's time to change. The revolution of fine Ales will smash the prejudice that beers are fat and cheap. Let those plain beers be reserved for their followers, we are out of here.
We are eager to offer you the opportunity to experience REAL beers, a ‘heavenly drink' that we believe is equally sophisticated, complex and rich in flavor as any fine wines or champagnes.
Mainstream is over. Follow us to the uprising world of independent microbreweries and discover the artistry of this century- old beverage. Like Benjamin Franklin once said: “Beer is the proof that God loves us”, now let your adventurous soul guide you to a new experience, and let OUR Beers do the talking!
Our Products/What We Sell
Well it's rather simple, we offer Beers and Ciders. Whats not that simple is the mind-boggling selection and number of SKU's that we deal with (300+ labels), round the clock attention to freshness and diversity....all to be the most avant-garde  Beershop in town!  Welcome to our oasis of fine Beers, and seek shelter from the hustling and bustling of the city, with an alternative Brew at hand... a new and accessible way of drinking, tasting and chatting up with your peers.
However we also buy and sell respect, community, love and beer knowledge.
From organic lagers to pales, ipas, stouts or sours, we cover the whole spectrum of the Beer chart. With our new and revolutionary Craft Tap we once again broke your boundaries of beer purchase. You can now fill up with the best and freshest Local and International Craft Beer from one of our six taps and straight into your 1 or 2 Liter Growler (CrafTap keeps your Beer fresher for longer)...that calls for a house party!
Trust us to deliver you only the best.
GO Green
Mother Nature has gifted us with the ingredients for Beer, a 100% natural beverage with refreshing and reinvigorating qualities, and we intend to pay back with our care. We were early adopters of good business practice and have directly worked with greenglass.org since the beginnings to make sure that most of our bottles are disposed of properly. We remind everyone to respect the environment, clean-up, recycle and don’t trash our future! We provide bottle recycling so bring us your unused bottles!