Lamma Ginger Hot


Lamma Honey Ginger Beer is botanically brewed with earthy root-ginger, herbs and spices to create a refreshing beverage with a bracing ginger kick balanced by a complex fruity & spicy depth. Honey mellows the flavour to soothe the tongue as the ginger heat flows down to warm the belly.
Complex & exciting, nourishing & refreshing, Lamma Honey Ginger Beer reflects the dynamic island community which gives it birth. Lamma Island is a rare and stimulating place. Ginger- orange rocky shores mark a horizon between verdant, lushly vegetated hills and the emerald water of the South China Sea. It’s a community where people know your name. We’ve brewed this beer with care for our friends and neighbours and we invite you to indulge yourself with the flavour of Love.

Style: Ginger Beer

ABV: 4%

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