Sour Ale

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BDB Etrusca

Etrusca is a real “archeological find”. The amber colour reminds the amphora-aged wines; the nose ..

82.00 HKD Ex Tax: 82.00 HKD

BDB Prunus

Prunus (from the cherry's bothanical name, Prunus Avium or Cerasus according to variety) is made a..

55.00 HKD Ex Tax: 55.00 HKD

BDB Rubus

A romantic love story in a shade of pink between raspberries and our Duchessa. A passionate advent..

25.00 HKD Ex Tax: 25.00 HKD

BDB Vecchia DucAle

Ducale, an important Beer and a meditation one. It has rested 24 months in barrels, after that it ..

62.00 HKD Ex Tax: 62.00 HKD

Geuze Boon

 It’s a magnificent blend of 90% mild 18 month-old lambic, 5% strong 3 year-old beer and 5% ver..

58.00 HKD Ex Tax: 58.00 HKD

Wildbeer Modus Operandi

A gloriously rich wild yeast beer from the Wild Beer Co. in Somerset. Named Modus Operandi, this do..

60.00 HKD Ex Tax: 60.00 HKD

Wildbeer Sourbeest

Wild Beer Co use the second runnings from their imperial stout, Wildebeest, as the base for this be..

46.00 HKD Ex Tax: 46.00 HKD

Wildbeer Wild Goose Chase

Wild and pumped full of gooseberry and crisp hop flavour, this is a great fruity farmhouse saison.S..

46.00 HKD Ex Tax: 46.00 HKD