Newest Arrivals & Freshest Beers

Welcome to our ever rotating awesome list of new & fresh beer! We are constantly bringing you the best of our local Hong Kong breweries, while also searching the globe for niche, delicious beers you can’t get anywhere else. When shopping for Crafti beers, check here first to see what’s new!

Behemoth Brain Smiles


Tipsy Cat Lemon Tea


Passione Natura Diversi Montepulciano D’arbuzzo 2019


Lemoss Unfiltered Sparkling Glera


Cascade One Way or Another


Deadman Spooktacular Pumpkin Ale


Heroes BEER Pilsner


Kereru Moose Maybe!


Kereru Melusina Sea Buckthorn Gose


Kereru Superb Owl Wit Beer


Kereru Vanessa: Whisky & Oak Belgian Quad Ale


North End: Bones of the Land Saison


Taboocha Shiso Watermelon


Taboocha Happy Potion Passionfruit Turmeric


Taboocha Run Strawberry Run Strawberry Tieguanyin


Taboocha Beautiful Rangers Lychee Rose Black Tea


World Cup: Denmark Box


World Cup: Belgium Box


World Cup: England Box


World Cup: USA Box


World Cup: New Zealand Box


Founders Rubæus


Founders Centennial IPA


Founders 4 Giants


Founders Unraveled


Founders All Day Vacay


Codigo 1530 Rosa Tequila


Malfy Gin Originale


Malfy Gin Rosa


Tried and True Vodka


Codigo 1530 Bianco Tequila


Hope Forest Sauvignon Blanc 2021


Behemoth Bloody Diabolical


Behemoth Sanctimonious


Neonotic! Mulled Mala Cider


Taboocha Gentle Lion Snow Chrysanthemun Black Tea


Taboocha We Don’t Tom Yum Pineapple Green Tea


Taboocha Mango Mochi Kombucha